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At lunch today, I had a chat with a smart UX researcher who was wondering what I spend most of my time on. My answer was straightforward: at least 50% of my week goes by doing research and design work for clients! Let’s be honest, it varies from one month to another, but overall, why is the co-founder of a +30 people UX design company in Africa spending so much time on research instead of finance, legal, HR, or even business development. The response is pretty simple:

  • I like it a lot
  • It’s more than useful
  • They are not enough…

Our team of UX designers and researchers is now made of 11 different nationalities and 37% women — diversity was one of our key success factors but maintaining a family spirit while growing rapidly and remotely is a big challenge.

In the first part of this article, we shared the things we thought we did well building a UX and Human-Centered Design (HCD) firm in Africa. But naturally, in our first 4 years of survival as a company, there was also a lot of stuff that we completely screwed up. Here are some of the one’s I remember:

1. Putting our family spirit at risk during COVID

Lots of fun and close ties were key elements of our culture since the beginning, but in 2020, we lost a bit of that family spirit which made us who we are. It was particularly difficult for the new team members who…

Yeah, indeed we luckily survived 2020! It was tough and much less fun than our previous years. But we learned a lot, and could really see this year the strengths and weaknesses of our business. So we thought sharing some excerpts of our journey so far could be useful for other design companies or agencies starting from the continent.

We actually did not start a business in the first place…

In may 2016, Camille, Daniel and I, started to do some free design workshops and training in Senegal. We had all lived in Senegal for between 3 to 12 years and were frustrated by the lack of digital products really thought…

Download Report (English and French, free): here

“72% of consumers currently notice positive environmental. changes”

This result stems from our new LOOKA study published on April 27th, 2020 in partnership with the Association Zero Waste Senegal. Through phone interviews in Fulani, Wolof and French, our surveyors interviewed 206 merchants and consumers in Dakar and its suburbs, who express concerns, alternatives to plastic and point to strategic orientations for the adoption of the law in light of the COVID-19 context.

“Market research in Accra, Ghana”​ Photo by YUX/LOOKA ©2020

Article by Max Smith, UX Research at YUX and LOOKA’s Project Manager

Article by Max Smith, UX Research at YUX and LOOKA’s Project Manager

What if you were given the opportunity to carry out your own market research in only a few days?

Launched in 2019 by YUX, LOOKA seeks to make reliable data collection and analysis accessible to all by using the power of technology and a network of trained local surveyors. We are a new African market research service based in Dakar, with a growing network of 100 surveyors, and clients, in Senegal, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Guinea-Conakry.

We’ll spare you the pitch on how we’ll revolutionize market research. It is not our goal and key…

Développeur Fullstack — 3 à 7 ans d’expérience

Qui sommes-nous?

YUX est une équipe multiculturelle, ambitieuse, exigeante et un peu folle de 25 personnes basée à Dakar et à Abidjan. Nous sommes composés de designers et développeurs, et portons une très grande importance à l’expérience utilisateur. Notre ambition : créer des produits digitaux adaptés au continent africain.

Ce que nous cherchons?

Tu es un développeur motivé, talentueux, et disponible à plein temps. Tu es capable de faire des choix technologiques en fonction des besoins du projet, et tu as aussi les capacités à manager une petite équipe.

Ta mission?

Tu travailleras à plein temps sur notre projet d’application mobile que nous développons avec nos partenaires (Unesco…

Story of an natural evolution

3 years after the launch in May 2016 — by a group of design advocates based in Dakar — of the first UX designers community in West Africa called YUX…


In Senegal, more than half of the population is under 20 years old.

Adolescents and young people face many reproductive health problems, especially girls. They must also face difficulties of insertion in the economic life. They have little place in the public dialogue, which does not allow them to have significant levers of action.

With this in mind, ADEMAS and SHOPS+, a USAID Program, have chosen a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach to help young people develop appropriate interventions for their health concerns. This approach aims to:

1- Understand the perceptions of youth, health workers and influencers about family planning…

YUX Design

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